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Hansoll focuses on Creating Shared Value (CSV), and identifies every opportunity for profit growth. Also, Hansoll is committed to Creating Shared Value Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


With compliance solidifying the foundation of our management, we have embedded six core values into our corporate culture. We strive to increase customer, employee and community satisfaction and create shared value for society.

Web System

Hansoll CSR/Sustainability Department has developed its own database system to allow easy and effective reporting between overseas factories and headquarters. Our CSR/Sustainability Managers at each factory upload and manage data on the system, which enables our CSR/Sustainability Coordinators at HQ to collect and analyze the data, and take actions if needed. Also, the data gathered from the system are used to publish our CSR/Sustainability Annual Report.

Reporting List

  • Voice of Employees
  • Injury Report
  • Partner Factory Management
  • Working Hours Report
  • Buyer Audit Result & Analysis
  • Committee / Training Record
  • Hansoll Internal Assessment

Annual Report

Hansoll has been publishing its CSR/Sustainability Annual Report from 2008. Our reports illuminate our goals, progress and management method of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, which are shared with our stakeholders for transparency and disclosure. The reports are written in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

Hansoll Internal Assessment

Hansoll CSR/Sustainability Team visit Hansoll owned and partner factories and perform a total of two audits per year. One of the two audits is a full audit that is conducted using Hansoll Internal Assessment Form A. The other audit, Hansoll Internal Assessment Form B, is a simplified version of Form A that is used to follow-up on issues found previously. These audits are performed based on Hansoll Code of Conduct, local labor law, customer requirements, and industry practices generally expected within the field of Social Compliance, C-TPAT, Brand Protection and Environment.

Employee Communication

Grievance Resolution System

Hansoll believes that strong employee-management relationships are crucial for the formation of harmonized industrial relations and higher productivity. We maintain an active grievance resolution system to receive all kinds of grievances and feedbacks from our employees, and guarantee their anonymity. Counseling, hotlines, group interviews, and suggestion boxes are used as a medium of communication between the employees and the company.

  • Employee Interview

  • Suggestion Box

  • Hotline

  • Counseling

Employee Training and Committee Meeting

CSR training sessions on various topics are held regularly to provide favorable and safe working environment as we believe training is essential in improving our compliance standards. Also, Hansoll invests to promote development of stable worker-management relations through the various types of committee meetings such as Labor Union, Food, and Environment Committees, and we always keep the records and information of the meetings held.


To respond to growing environmental concerns, we take part in environmentally conscious activities. We focus on reducing GHG emissions, and participate in various environmental surveys and projects to enhance our engagement in Environmental Management.


Risk Management

As we prioritize prevention, we focus on real-time monitoring to deal with risk factors in advance in accordance with our Risk Management Policy. When unexpected risk occurs, however, overseas CSR Managers directly report to the Senior Executive Vice President at Headquarters and factory Presidents through Hotline, which enables the top decision-making body to make prompt intervention and helps to minimize damages caused to our employees.

Community Contribution

Supporting scholarship to Education Institutions

Hansoll is committed to supporting schools in the regions our factories are located in. We provide schools with scholarships and school supplies, and encourage students to join Hansoll after graduation. Hansoll hopes to continuously create positive social impacts and maintain strong ties with educational institutions.

Supporting Global NGOs

Hansoll works with NGOs to improve the local communities of our factories by contributing to their sustainable development. In Vietnam, Hansoll is supporting the installment of Water Desalination System in the Ben Tre region since 2016, which provides fresh drinking water to more than 1,000 residents. In Cambodia, Hansoll has launched the Clean Stove Project in Kandal since 2016 to help local residents to gain access to efficient and more than 60 clean stoves were installed. In 2018, Hansoll is further expanding the Project to provide clean stoves in Cambodia and Indonesia. Hansoll hopes to maximize benefits so that it is not only Hansoll employees, but also family and community members that are positively affected by our efforts.

Caring for the welfare of others

Hansoll identifies urgent social issues that we can engage in and proactively help. Hansoll financial aids welfare services for the Elderly in Korea, and sends necessary supplies on a monthly basis to nursing homes and orphanages in Guatemala.